Monday, 11 July 2016

Kingdom Come on this Earth

It is estimated that more than 280 million adults in India, mostly tribal and oppressed castes, are illiterates. This amounts to 37% of the global total. Lack of education keeps one under bondage, often taken advantage by the conniving money lenders and lords.

India is home to the largest number of poor people in the world. Poverty leads one to unimaginable oppression. Millions of Indian children work as bonded slaves or in brothels. It is estimated that more than 50 million children in India alone are bonded servants, a modern version of slavery.

Lack of education of adults is directly linked to such poverty and children being sold into sexual slavery or as bonded servants. It is therefore with great passion, Compelled is engaged in educating children and adults in South Asia. Right now, more than 8000 children are being educated directly by us. We send them to schools or we educate them in our village schools. In addition, we send trained adult education teachers to target remote tribes and vulnerable villagers to help them learn know to read, write, and count.

Children in one of our girls home (borders of Nepal) and receiving education in one of our village schools
Literacy Class in a village
Timka lives in a very remote mountain village in central-west India. He says, “We used to be tricked by the lords in town when we would sell them our produce. We did not know how to count or measure. We did not know what the market prices were. So, whatever they gave we took it, not knowing that we were being cheated in every way.” Today, Timka knows how to count and understands how to be aware of market price. He gets a fair price for his produce and lives a good life. He says, “These pastors broke the ropes that tied my mind to darkness.” This freedom has now helped Timka to understand the value of education. Today, all his children now to go school. This is part of establishing God's Kingdom on this earth. 

Adult Literacy Class

May your Kingdom come, may your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven!