Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Nepal Update

Our outreach to the earthquake affected areas of Nepal and India continues. I just returned trekking through remote mountain villages of Nepal, visiting villages and overseeing the relief work. We were the first ones to reach most of these remote villages. It was a privilege to see our team of missionaries reaching those in physical need as well as touching the lives of those in spiritual need.

Congregation on Mountain Top
In one mountain top, which we reached after almost 90 minutes of trek, the pastor gathered the believers who had lost their everything. They had gathered under a tent we had provided. As we bent our knees, he opened His Bible to Habakkuk 3:17-19 and read, Even though the fig trees have no blossoms, and there are no grapes on the vines; even though the olive crop fails, and the fields lie empty and barren; even though the flocks die in the fields, and the cattle barns are empty, yet I will rejoice in the LORD! I will be joyful in the God of my salvation! The Sovereign LORD is my strength! He makes me as surefooted as a deer, able to tread upon the heights.”

 Please know that there is still great need. We are shifting our focus to reconstruction of destroyed houses and churches now. Please see the opportunity you have to give at the end.
I am pasting below the latest updates describing the situation in the region, along with some encouraging pictures.

Taking relief supplies home
·        Through our gifts, more than 10,000 people have now received help in various districts in Nepal. This is in the form of food, shelter, clothing, medicine and prayers.

·         To this point, suffering people in about 100 villages have been helped by our relief work.

Fallen Homes
·         The Gospel has been shared with all the people who have been helped. In addition, the church planters distributing the supplies are praying with the people and counseling them.
Relief Supplies

·         The death toll from the earthquake has now passed 8000 people. In some villages, no one survived. Avalanches moving at a speed of 186 mph killed many people.

·         Our Nepal area junior leader told us, “We could see the houses sway like a rocking chair. The destruction was inevitable.” I, too, experienced several aftershocks when visiting remote villages. 

·         Many people are still sleeping outside because their homes were badly damaged or destroyed. In one village where we had provided tents, the villagers told me, "We now have to keep watch at night because a leopard is now prowling this area."
Cement Bags 

·         Our church planting partners continue to provide basics like food and water. However, they have now begun to provide tents for shelter, beds, sleeping mats, cooking pots, clothing, and basic supplies like tin sheets for roofing and cement to help with house repairs. The goal in this second phase is to “help the victims re-start their lives.”

·         Tragically, families and villages are still being discovered which have not yet received help. Relief supplies are being provided to them as they are found.

·         Several thousand people have now received medical care from the team of doctors we equipped with medicines and supplies. By the end of 
this week, at least 10,000 people will have received medical relief through these doctors.

·        Cholera and diarrhea which often result from poor sanitation and lack of clean water are “becoming common”; we have provided medicines for those as well. For those requiring surgeries, they are being transported to one of our partner Christian hospital in the borders to be treated.

Going to the next mountain
·      We are currently focusing on villages and remote areas where most aid agencies or even the government have not reached out to .  Our field leader from Kathmandu reports  “Even today, a large number of villages have not
Tents put up in a leper village
received any relief aid
.  Several villages in remote mountains are running short of supplies and are not sure how long they can survive without relief supplies."

·         Kathmandu police say nearly 900,000 people have left the Valley in the past few days. This means, in the villages where our relief efforts are focused, our workers are now helping and ministering to a second wave of people, who also need resources. 

·         Because churches meet on Saturday in Nepal, it is estimated that several hundred believers died in the collapse of churches.

·          Providing spiritual encouragement to our believer brothers and sisters is critical. The congregations have started to meet again for worship and study of the Word of God. I trekked to many remote villages and found great strength.  
Some metal roof sheets put up as temporary shelter
.         Our next focus is to purchase reconstruction materials (metal roof sheets for $10 each, cement bags for $7 each, bricks, etc.) to help the people rebuild their houses and be able to stand on their feet again.

Thank you for your giving and prayers. Your compassion and prayers for Nepal is greatly appreciated.


Tents and Blankets
Destroyed Homes

 Our next focus is to purchase reconstruction materials (metal roof sheets for $10 each, cement bags for $7 each, bricks, etc.) to help the people rebuild their houses and be able to stand on their feet again. To give, please press the Donate button at the top (right) or bottom of this page. 

Monday, 27 April 2015


As you must have heard by now, an earthquake (7.8 Richter scale) struck Nepal and parts of India on Saturday. Tremors were felt as far as Delhi, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh. The epicenter of the earthquake was 50 miles north west of Kathmandu valley.

A few highlights for your prayers:
 1. More than 3700 are feared dead.
 2. Rescue operations are on but very chaotic.
 3. Several low intensity aftershocks have continued. Resulting avalanches has  caused much panic.
 4. About 30 of our workers are in south Nepal and in the Indian states where the  earthquake has caused devastation. 
 5. All our workers in India and Nepal are safe.
 6. We have some of our buildings, including prayer sheds, affected in the 
 devastation but all are standing.
 7. Our field leader is undertaking an initial relief work in areas in areas where our workers are.

The initial relief work includes providing clean water, basic food kits 
and of course praying for those effected, particularly those who have suffered loss of family. 

Request your prayers for: a)   those affected  in this destruction, b)   for relief work that is being carried out, and c)    for the children who have lost their parents. On a side note, we have asked our orphanage in the border of Nepal to receive any such children that may need to be cared for.

Nepal is among the poorest and one of the least developed countries in the world. According to WHO, Nepal has only 2.1 physicians and 50 hospital beds for every 10,000 people. Under-five mortality rates are 46 and 54 per 1000 live births.

You can watch a video and photos at BBC by clicking here 

Monday, 16 March 2015


God has called us to take the Gospel to broken and unreached of South Asia. It is a beautiful thing to see Jesus heal, restore and redeem this broken world.

Sharing the Good News and then careful discipleship is one of our central ministries. And, one of the ways of evangelism is the village gospel festival.

A village gospel festival is a small scale, relationship based, intelligent presentation of the message of the Gospel. 

The festival begins when a ‘man of peace’ in the village invites us to present the Gospel to his friends and family. We work with him to organise an event in his courtyard where his friends and family gather. Here we present a culturally relevant presentation of the message of Jesus Christ on subsequent nights. 


Brother Sam shares this with us:

I was invited by a family in Village S to share the Gospel with their friends and family. So, I organised a village gospel festival in his courtyard. On the first night I sang songs, shared
stories from the Gospel and prayed with people. It was an amazing time in the presence of God. “I have never heard anything like this,” remarked a young lady, “I want to bring my parents, too, tomorrow night.” Several echoed the same thing.

I realised that we would have a larger crowd the second night, so I invited a group of believers and fellow missionaries to join me that night. I wanted us to be able to pray with people individually and build relationships for continuing follow up visits.

Well, as expected, a larger crowd had assembled that second night to hear the life giving message of the Gospel. But, unknown to us, a group of fanatics had also made a plan to attack us.


I began the meeting with prayer. The believers who had accompanied me also joined in this prayer. However, before the prayers had ended, a group of 40 young men arrived from outside and began to threaten us. They then proceeded to destroy chairs, our song-books and the Indian musical instruments we had with us. Some ripped the small cloth-tent we had put up in the courtyard and pulled out the supporting bamboo poles. We continued to pray.

These attackers then began to taunt us. They had wanted us to talk back or defend ourselves so that they could escalate the attack. However, we stood still and kept on praying. When they realized that we would remain non-violent, 
they picked me out as the leader of the group. I was dragged out and then one of them began to beat me with the large wooden club.  I held my head with my hands, in protection, and stood praying as they showered blows upon me.

Meanwhile, someone had gone to the nearby town when the attackers had arrived and informed the police. The police did come when the attack on me was going on. But they joined the attackers and laughed at me. Soon, blood was flowing from my head and body. As the physical attack on me increased, a group of brave believing sisters encircled me. They felt that the attackers would not beat them, since they were females. However, the attackers broke through them and kept on attacking me. Finally, the police realised that I would be clubbed to death. So, they broke up the attack. However, to my surprise, instead of arresting the attackers they arrested me and took me to the jail.

In the jail I was still bleeding profusely. The attackers had also arrived at the police station by now. I was not provided any medical attention. But the attackers were given tea to drink. Finally, as I kept bleeding, I lost consciousness.”  


The level of persecution in the fields has increased multifold in recent months. It is scary when the police and state become part of the mob. However, our strength continues to be in the Lord and in remaining faithful to Him. 

As Brother Sam says, thumbing his chest, “Christ lives in here. I will live for Him and I will die for Him.”


 1. The persecuted in South Asia.
 2. The new believers. May they remain strong & grow 
      in the Lord.
 3. For the advancement of the Gospel.
 4. For God to move the heart of the attackers, so that 
     they may experience His love.
 5. For Brother Sam. He is out of jail and is recovering.