Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Flood Relief

Monsoon brings life to India. Farmers laugh when rains finally arrive. Hydro-electric dams and drinking water reservoir find replenishment for the entire year. Dying rivers once again begin to teem with life. This rain water will allow people, crops, and animals to live for the next eleven months.
Flooded Village. Photo Source: IE

However, monsoon can also bring death.

The rains this year has been in excess. Rivers are flooded. Several villages are inundated by water. More than 70 people have already died. Many homes have collapsed or ravaged by flood. Tribes in many places have started to move higher up into the mountain forests.  Weatherman predicts continuing heavy spell of rains; this means more destruction.

Odisha is one of the worst hit areas. IET has a significant presence in hundreds of villages in this state. Tens of thousands of people have been rendered homeless in eastern parts of India.   Pastor

Khosla says, “Villages are inundated with water. Grains and crops are destroyed. People have nowhere to go and nothing to eat. Most have escaped with just the clothes on their back. Some are still marooned and have to be rescued.”


Our field leaders are preparing to begin relief work. The immediate need is to provide clean drinking water, basic food supply, blankets, tents, basic food supplies and medicine where needed. One thousand relief kits containing these things are being prepared to be given out in the next twenty-four hours.


I request your prayers.

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One relief kit containing clean drinking water, basic food supply to last few days, blanket and one pair of cloth will cost about $ 24.