Friday, 1 January 2016

Leprous Heart

In the Western Ghats (mountain ranges) in south-eastern India are found the Koya and the Domba tribe. Not long ago, we began to reach out to these tribes. There was severe opposition followed by persecution. However, our missionary brothers and sisters stood strong in prayer and in the Lord. 

Now, in one of these villages lived a lady infected with leprosy. She was shunned by the villagers and lived a lonely life. She had tried with-craft, magic, sacrifices and every thing that her tribe was aware of. Yet, the numbness and lesions kept on growing. One day one of our traveling evangelist visited her village. He began to share with her about Jesus healing the ten lepers (Luke 17:12-19). She was suddenly interested. "Can Jesus heal me today?" she asked. Our missionary stretched out His hands and began to pray. He then asked her to pray to Jesus every day. "Believe in Jesus. He is gracious to the poor," he explained. 

The lady went home, wondering about the encounter she had that day. 

When the lady woke up the next morning, she felt a drastic difference. Her faith was emboldened. She began to pray. To the surprise of the villagers, this leper lady was visibly and completely healed in few weeks. In few months she was completely restored. "My Jesus has healed me," she began to tell others.  The tribal village began to open up their heart. The village chief invited our evangelist and said, "My heart feels leprous. How can my hearts be healed by Jesus?" Our missionary brother shared the Good News of Jesus becoming man to provide forgiveness for our sins. At the end of their conversation, the head-man of the village bent his head and informed that he was ready to receive God's forgiveness. Today, more than 40 people gather in that village every day to worship our Lord Jesus Christ. Many other villages who heard of this miracle have also now opened up their doors to the Gospel. Praise God!